Providing free massages to cancer patients while in Infusion Rooms and before Radiation treatment.
The Oncology Massage Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation created by four therapists in May 2011 and dedicated to providing compassionate touch designed to reduce stress to individuals undergoing cancer Infusion room treatment. Our dream is to have oncology massage provided at no charge to the patients and their caregivers while in the infusion rooms during their chemo treatment. We hope this free service can reduce the stress of additional financial burdens as well as comfort them during treatments in the hospitals and infusion rooms.
We started volunteering hand and foot massages for cancer patients in the winter of 2010 to honor our family and friends who were and have battled cancer. One friend, Rob Hill inspired us and we decided it was time to make a difference by giving what we did best. We created the Oncology Massage Alliance (OMA) to help get other massage therapists trained and into the infusion rooms. Soon we were going into many locations throughout Texas and into other states.
Our hope is that through public awareness, education and research, and oncology massage training, people with cancer will have the option for oncology massage to be paid for by their insurance companies and treatment centers. Oncology Massage should be part of integrative treatments for a better quality of life and one of our goals is to help that cause through our outreach and financial assistance for oncology massage training.
Since our inception, OMA therapists have touched over 20,000 patients, caregivers and medical staff and hope to continue doing so with your generous help. "It would be hard to imagine the infusion room without the OMA therapists. They are dedicated volunteers that provide a service that improves the experience of our patients physically and emotionally. All the OMA volunteer massage therapists are extremely professional and make each patient feel special. I hope that they are able to continue their 'hands on' service that transforms the chemo experience, at least for a moment; into a treat rather than just a treatment." - Social Worker